The management of casino restaurants has been known to be challenging. Manufacturers have gone a long way to come up with quality management systems (QMS) that enable managers to keep a track of everything surrounding the business. This includes inventory control, food safety, human resource management, accounting among others. Well, this may sound all too simple, it actually can be, depending on the software chosen, and its suitability for the operating environment. Such systems include Fishbowl, Netsuite, SAPOne, SYSPRO, and SAP.

Some of the factors that ought to be considered when choosing a QMS for the casino restaurant business include:

The scale of use

While some QMS are designed for small businesses, others are designed for medium and large businesses. Choosing the right scale ensures that the functions that are of importance to the business are considered first. For instance, a small casino restaurant may not have too many staff, and as such, a number of roles are carried out by an individual. This needs to be captured. On the other hand, as the business grows, and one needs to consider the possibility of expansion and including more staff.


The functions performed by softwares are important, and this ought to align with the core and secondary functions of the business. Some of the functions may include inventory management, CRM, e-commerce, business intelligence, ERP, reporting, and accounting among others.


It is difficult to come up with a software that performs all the possible functions. This implies the need to integrate software with existing systems or with newer systems that together enhance the delivery of services. Integration is also required because of the superior ability of special purpose software like QuickBooks.

User friendliness

The adoption and use of the software depend on the ability of users to use the software and its semblance with the current functions and processes. If it is not user-friendly, it is likely to face resistance at the adoption stage.