Known to be places where excessive spending happens to the advantage of the house, casinos today are now taking responsibility. Not only have they become responsible hosts through discouraging over-drinking and encouraging responsible gambling, they are now taking everything to a higher notch by encouraging healthy lifestyles. Responsible actions of casinos include:

  • Banning smoking at the casinos

There are casinos with ‘No Smoking’ signs. Aside from just putting up signage, they ensure that it is implemented, and that no guest breaks the rule. Others have private smoking rules. This way, both smokers and non smokers can freely and comfortably interact in the casinos, and non smokers do not contract health conditions as a result of silent smoking

  • Promoting healthy food

Casinos that have gone ‘healthy food’ have reduced and eliminated certain aspects of unhealthy food. For instance, some do not include trans-fats in their recipes, and others have adopted hormone-free products. Some casinos even have one day a week that is meat free, as a way of increasing awareness of the danger of too much meat in one’s diet.

  • Training and coaching on healthy life choices

Some casinos have taken up the initiative to conduct healthy lifestyle training and coaching for their associates. This includes professional training for fitness, and helping coaching on the selection and consumption of nutritious food for the better health of their associates. These associates include their staff members, who are often exposed to tempting food choices, and as such, helping them to resist the temptation, and live free of lifestyle diseases.

  • Providing opportunities for patrons to participate in charities

Some casinos have come up with a way of raising money for charities which educate families on healthy life choices, and the association between food and peoples’ health. These include nights dedicated to raising funds in which participants’ payment go directly into funding such campaigns.