Lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart and pulmonary diseases have been on the rise. These diseases have been linked to certain foods and lack of exercise. Moreover, governments and nongovernmental organisations continue to create awareness and institute prevention mechanisms, including advising people on what to eat.

When people visit casinos, they go to have fun and pleasure. This can extend to unhealthy habits like too much drinking or consuming food that predisposes the gamer to the lifestyle diseases. While those who visit casinos just once in a while may not mind it, but frequent gamers are now looking to gamble in places that can offer them healthy options.

Although the concept of eating healthy is still developing, a number of casinos have come up with ways of attracting and retaining a new breed of gamers who love to eat and drink healthy. This has been through a number of ways:

Offering vegetarian options

People who have declared themselves as vegetarians need not forfeit the thrill and pleasurable moments at their favourite casinos. This is because their favourite casino may have vegetarian option in their buffet menu.

Gluten free foods

Patrons can now choose to take grain-based food with gluten or those that are gluten free. Moreover, these are prepared separately, ensuring that there is no contamination.

Organic beverages

Casinos now offer fresh, cold pressed organic juices. Aside from this, organic beers and wines are also available, making even the alcoholic drinks less destructive to health.

Trans-fat free food

Healthy choices for salads and cooking are in use, including the choice of salad dressing that is trans-fat free.

Hormone free meat and organic ingredients

The choice of meats in some casino restaurants now caters for hormone free, reducing the risk of diseases in customers who eat meat. Additionally, local organic ingredients are used in the preparation of food, ensuring that it is organic all the way.