Casino restaurants are increasingly becoming an important and integral part of the casino business. They help in both attracting the customers, and also keeping them indulged in gaming for longer, hence enhancing the profitability of the casinos. This makes the management of the restaurants an important point of focus for casinos seeking to gain a greater market share.

Running a casino restaurant is, however, harder than a normal chain of restaurants. Customers behave differently with some preferring to eat very fast and return to the gaming tables while others preferring to have a slow, sumptuous celebratory meal after a great moment in gaming.

Also, while some customers would want a casino they can frequent, others are on a one time visit and would want to create positive memories. The following management strategies can help in satisfying these customers and increase their revenue stream from the restaurant:

  • Staff training – train staff more often. Help them understand and centre their services around customers. This creates an environment that is positive, comfortable and inviting.
  • Staff scheduling – schedule staff in a manner that responds to their needs and the customer cycle of the casino, while also taking care not to overwork the employees. This means employees can have their leave on days when the casino sees less customers, and be called to work on days when the number of customers is more likely to increase.
  • Provide rotating buffets – rather than providing a wide variety of cuisines that may go bad, rotating the meals in the buffet can make it more exciting and create an expectation, especially for frequent gamblers.
  • Monitor inventory and staff engagement – the use of restaurant management software in combination with POS can help in monitoring the inventory as well as the level of engagement of the staff. These, in turn, should optimise the resources.