Today, the majority of those that frequent casinos are people with medium sources of income from diverse races and origins. While some of these guests are local, some are also international guests on holiday or business trips. Because of the integral part that food plays in the casino business and the need to stand out as the casino with the best food, a number of casinos want to employ renowned chefs.

These chefs attempt to capture the likes and tastes of their visitors, in the hope of receiving more positive reviews which in the end are a way of advertising to increase their customer count and patronage.

The introduction of new food can, however, be disastrous in case a number of issues are not taken into account.

Buyers’ country of origin

The country or region of origin plays a great role in the determinant of food and beverage taste, due to the cultural interpretation of taste itself. Therefore, segmenting the guests or the target market by country of origin can improve food ingredient selection.

Buyers’ congruence with country of origin

How do buyers perceive their country of origin? Are they proud of their food and cultures. Attempting to make food and cocktails to resonate with a certain region that buyers are not proud to belong may not prove profitable. Also, such buyers are more likely to look for ways to adopt the culture they feel is superior.

Informing buyers of the new foods and beverages

It makes a big difference when buyers are informed of a new recipe which is on a test, and when the cost of purchase is reduced. This can help in not only getting feedback, but also reducing negative publicity when the taste does not turn out as expected.

Taking honest views into consideration

Also, standardising the recipe, taking diverse views into consideration, and especially the views of the target group into consideration can help in further improving the food and beverage taste.