Early gamblers gathered together in saloons to meet friends, chat and gamble over a drink. This habit has been carried into the modern casino industry all over the world. While gambling requires a lot of tact and rationality in order to make decisions, the players need some level of courage to make risky bets. Therefore, the combination of tact, risk and rationality can make the mood very tense, although the game is meant to be pleasurable and entertaining to the players. Serving quality drinks not only eases the mood, but players are able to make bold moves, which in the end gives the house a better edge.

Beverages of all kinds are available at the casinos to moderate the general mood and to celebrate winning moments. These range from drinks to cocktails, and from alcoholic to non alcoholic. The purpose of including alcoholic beverages within a casino setting is to provide a great gambling experience and as such keep the guests at the table for long. Some of the drinks and cocktails served at casinos include:

  • Beer Mojito
  • Whiskey Martinis
  • Champagne Blue Viking

Some casinos serve alcoholic beverages on the gaming tables for free, while others, in countries where the casino industry is highly regulated, have designated bars where the alcoholic beverages are served, and at very high costs. In casinos where the drinks are available for free, one may have to wait longer, and prepare hefty tips for the waiters and waitresses. However, where the payment is made as in Canadian casinos, the service is fast, classy and the drinks of very high quality. There are, however, people, who prefer casinos with free drinks. For this reason, some provinces in Canada are lobbying for this provision as a way of enhancing the competitiveness of their casinos against those in the US territory.