Casinos are known to be places of socialisation and great enjoyment. Aside from people of able pockets who can gamble as frequently as possible, many people visit casinos as part of their holiday to have a new experience. Therefore, many casinos are actually owned by hoteliers and located mostly around attractions and holiday destinations. Where this does not apply, the building hosting casinos usually have a restaurant.

Casino games and gaming machines are the same globally, except for a few variations like in the case of roulette. This means that with increased competition, companies had to come up with a means of differentiation, and this was achieved through casino food and drinks. This is evident in the manner in which casinos advertise themselves and the way in which the reviews offered by past clients, all revolve around the casino food and how the food was served. Nobody mentions gaming, whether the slot machines work or what the rules of the game are.

The experience of casino food has a way of creating lasting memories. Often, customers remember the signature cuisines, the residing chef, and other service quality features and then decide whether to visit the casino again or not. For this reason, casinos in Canada make every effort to make the food experience as unique as possible, including offering a range of cuisines which customers identify with including French and American cuisines.

With regard to the service quality, the food court, wine selection, conduct of staff, ambiance, and outside parking are some of the services offered to provide value to customers. The food court is usually made as close to the casino as possible or even within the casino itself to spark a desire for gaming and to keep gamers within. The staff is trained to be fast, friendly, courteous and intuitive and the environment cool, attractive with good lighting, releasing any possible tension. The parking is often made available and secure, relieving players of any worry.